A Rapturous Welcome

I finally finished a story before the deadline for the competition and I have submitted it. The story is below and it happens at the same time as this. Any comments are always welcome. This again is a sub-story to my main novel. The theme was to write about a Raptor and miscommunication. I named the characters after Kenny Sebastian and Russell Peters.

A Rapturous Welcome

“Tragedy plus time equals comedy.” Steve Allen

Kenny and Russell scurried through the darkened halls of the monastery. The mock fight was about to start in the field outside. Nearly everyone would be there. The Abbott always used to watch these battles. Some said that he scouted for talent and others said that he was there to intervene in case things got out of hand. Either way, this was a golden opportunity to test the old book they unearthed from the main library. They went to the secluded room that they had identified. They lit the torch in the room. ”Kenny draw a star on the floor. ” ”Which type of star do you want me to draw? Is it a young one or a dying one? A small one or a big one? Maybe one that is just going to explode? Do you want me to draw a moon and planets to go along with it?” ”Draw a bloody pointed star otherwise somebody is going to get hurt.” Kenny shrugged and drew a hexagram on the floor. Russell looked at the floor. ”Kenny are you sure that is the right star from the book?” ”You doubt me, brother? A star is a star after all.” Russell and Kenny smiled and had a swig from their flagon and said: ”Well here goes nothing.” Russell chanted from the book. As he finished the chant there was a slight tremor in the air and a glowing sphere started to grow in front of them. It continued to break the space in front of them. They entered it as soon as it was tall and wide enough.

”Russell I never expected there to be so much greenery in the future.” ”Greenery is one thing but the whiffs of smell troubles me greatly.” They started walking about. It was as if they were walking through a jungle. Russell saw a short bird-like creature. It was short but was wider than they were taller. ”Kenny look at that strange bird there.” Do you think that this is what a chicken looks like in the future?” Kenny was speechless. His eyes transfixed on the creature in the clearing. Russel was about to say something. Kenny quickly closed Russell’s mouth before he could say anything else. ”Russell I do not think we are in the future. I think we are in the past. That thing over there is no chicken it is a Raptor!!!!”

Russell looked at Kenny in disbelief. Kenny whispered to Russell. ”Show me the exact spell that you used.” Russell took the book from his satchel and flipped through it until he found the spell. Kenny read it carefully and then pointed to a word. “How exactly did you pronounce this word and what tone did you use? Russell repeated the word and said it in the accent which he used. Kenny was shocked. “By the mother of heavens do you even know what you have done? You took us to the past instead of the future.” Russell started to wave his hands all over. “All of you speak similarly. How would I know that there are different meanings for the same word? You people from the east are crazy!!” Russell felt feathers by his leg. He looked down at saw the raptor beside him. Russell froze. Kenny instinctively put his hand in his satchel and pulled some jerky from his bag. He tossed it towards the raptor. The raptor ate it ravenously. He tossed some more towards it. “Give me the spell book quickly Russell.” He started chanting as soon as he had the spell in his hand. The portal opened and they were back in the dusty room. The portal began to close. “Russell you have to promise never to tell anyone about this.” “Tell anyone about what boys?” Russell and Kenny turned left and saw the Abbott. “ “It was all Kenny’s idea Abbott. I could not even pronounce the words in the book.” “You backstabbing son …“ The Abbott glared at both of them and Kenny fell silent. The Abbott took the book from Kenny. The next thing they heard was the loud rip of Kenny’s satchel. The Abbott was bemused as the raptor stuck his head out from behind Kenny and Russell. The Abbott cast a spell and the Raptor fell asleep. “Boys you have some explaining to do. You will be here until I come back. May the Mother keep you safe.”

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