Remembrance Day

(Originally posted on November 11th 2012)

November and December are probably my favourite months of the year. It is fitting that this season for me starts with rememberance day. We have to remember all those who fought and passed on. Those that survived and those that still continue to fight. War is unfortunately a necessity of life. Peace cannot exist without war. The economies of countries would collapse. My wife comes from a family of military servicemen. I do not. However I hope that our kids would one day say that “My father survived the crash of 2008.” By no means am I equating the massive loss of life in the wars to what happened in the wars. The horrors of 2008 has not left me yet. I go to bed each night hoping tomorrow will be better than today. At the end of the year I will be hoping that the next year will be better than this year. I am looking forward for this year to die for then will new life be given a chance to begin.

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