Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Sometimes I wonder if my itouch has a mind of its own. I nearly always leave it on shuffle.
This morning the song “Mistakes” by Don Williams has been playing in my head. I thought about the song “Hurt” which was originally done by Nine Inch Nails and later made famous by Johnny Cash. Now I am listening to “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” by Green Day. Some of the dreams I had have gone up in smoke. Now I guess I have just two dreams. I do not know if I will be able to achieve them. Maybe they are best left alone like the search for the Holy Grail. Once again like the Holy Grail; I do not know whether my dreams are real or just misinterpreted. SanGreal is not the same as SangReal.
Sometimes the only way you know if you are still alive is if you get hurt. As long as you feel pain then you know you still feel. “Tears may dry up but the heart never will” – Marguerite de Valois

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