TV Shows

(Originally posted on 23rd October 2009)

I have started watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent again after Jeff Goldblum has come into it.Yesterday’s episode dealt with Hedge Funds. Somehow even TV shows will not stop in bashing hedge fund managers and investors. Hedge Funds are supposed to be for sophisticated investors. If people don’t understand that then they should stick with traditional investments or just buy ETF’s. Making money is not a sin even if it is as the expense of another. For the markets to do well a balance has to be maintained. Somehow I cannot escape from the financial markets. “You can get in anytime you like but you can never leave.” Getting into Investments is like getting bitten by a vampire. That blood thirst will never leave you. Most of the people will be suspicious of you. Some people will give themselves to you. Finally every vampire will be suspicious of other vampires. Oh and during economic summits it may be best going out during the night.

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