Opportunity costs

1 hour and 11 minutes till the tube strike ends. Do I wait for the tube strike to end or start my journey now? My purpose and destination will not change. I probably will leave now. At the end of the day I doubt whether it will take me more than 2 hours if I leave now. 2 hours will be what my journey time will be if I include the waiting period. This brings up the interesting issue of market timing. Can one actually time the market? Is it possible to know when the markets will hit the acme and nadir of the cycle? I don’t believe it is possible to call the markets. There is no use in wondering whether it will fall or rise. If you like an idea or investment then get into it now. If you are dealing with a bigger amount then invest a little on a weekly basis so that the cost averages out. Yes there is the possibility that a lower point may be reached but why should fear of a possible loss prevent you from taking action?

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