Distressed Funds

(Originally posted on June 17th 2009

I have been receiving so many distressed funds that it almost depresses me. Is the market in a worse situation than I think it is? LAm I missing out on some information that others can see? Sometimes emotions and staunch belief’s can cloud judgement. I hope I am not falling into that spiral. Does one choose an investment that is highly volatile, with an uncertain future but a potentially high exciting return and an even higher volatility or during these times it is better to play safe and go for something that is tried and tested but is liked to be very stable? I have just returned from a meeting where John Paulson presented his funds. I am looking forward to listening to him tomorrow too at a different seminar. One of Europe’s biggest entrepreneurs. Very unassuming and if one had not seen his picture on the news or in the papers then you would not have been able to guess who he was. I don’t know whether he is an investor or a potential investor but it only goes further to prove the strength of the Paulson funds.

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