Blondes are more expensive than Ferraris

(Originally posted on November 17th 2009)

Not my words!!! It is one of the many “jokes” that was circulated by Mark Lowe. I do not think that is true. A blonde can purr as nicely as a Ferrari and requires as much maintenance as a Toyota. Now by this I am not saying that Blondes are cheap. What is expensive though is a Ferrari engine in a communist or socialist car. Give me a simple “blonde” fund over an over leveraged bad fund anytime. However sometimes we can get blinded by the returns and forget about the structural integrity. Sometimes you just don’t know whether your decision is right or wrong. In the long run which will perform better. Every rule has its exception and right now even though I think that a normal fund is better; I have taken a big risk by going in for the over leveraged vehicle. Only time will show me whether it is the right move. If something wrong happens then all I can say is that I would be stranded in a desert not knowing where the mirage starts and where the oasis are.

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