Vinoos- The Real Wine Gums!!

We live in an age where technology has made buying things online possible in a matter of minutes and receiving the ordered items can be made a nightmare to track. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the package fast with a handwritten note.

The boxes they came in was elegant and classy. It filled me with excitement and I wanted to unbox it at the earliest. This has the look of a unique product. That being said it is important for me to set a benchmark. I could compare it to normal wine gums. However, there is nothing common about these wine gums. They are clearly a luxury item aimed at adults. The boxes clearly state that they are flavours of Rosé and flavours of Riesling. The most appropriate place to start would be comparing it to wines. In the Rosé category, I am partial to the White Zinfandel. Among Riesling, I like Dr Loosen.

Flavours of Rosé Wine

They have a delicate pink colour. I love the design of the wine gum. As soon as you open the packaging the beautiful smell of a Rosé that is on the sweeter side hits you. It is extremely comforting. You can feel the chilled wine. It is a delight to the senses. I love the way the taste settles and lingers in your mouth. It is not overly sweet. There is a natural taste to it. The sign of good chocolate is you are satisfied with one piece. This wine gum fits the bracket. I can say without a doubt that I highly recommend it.

This wine gum is fresh and crisp. The flavour is complex. Each bite is like an adventure into a woodland forest on a perfect spring day. A slight chill in the air, the gentle caress of the cool air. The sun shining at just the right angle. When you walk about the smell of woody freshness intoxicates you followed by the scent of fresh flowers. It is truly a delight to the nose. This wine gum makes you desire more. It indulges your curiosity.


The wine gums are nice and firm to bite into it. They have a similar texture. They are not as rubbery and chewy as Maynards Wine Gums. I would say that they are best savoured in bites or chewed slowly. They will satisfy you more than a whole pack of Maynards.

Nutritional Information

I do not have the nutritional information for the Rosé gums but the first image is that of the Riesling and the second is of Maynards. It also contains the ingredients

They do not contain alcohol so that is safe for people who are pregnant. It contains the aroma of the wine. I am not sure if this is suitable for people who do not drink alcohol. This is something that you will have to check with the company.

This is something that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. A treat for yourself or someone special. It is worth every bite.

Disclaimer: This is a review of Vinoos Real Wine Gums that was sent to me by Beyond living for an unbiased opinion. I have not received any monetary benefit either directly or indirectly by writing this review or through any of the links posted here.

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