Dhaal Roti

(Originally posted on June 20th 2012)

One of my good friend said that his smartphone is his dhaal Roti. A necessary tool to get work done. Someone who knows me well called my blackberry dhaal roti but my other smartphone my dhaaru pani. There are very few things that can beat the pleasure of a single malt. However it will be easier for me to give up alcohol than my phones.

Vodafone is planning to buy cable and wireless so that they can possibly sell it on to companies like Verizon. However Vodafone may be better off by building  a stake in Apple or Samsung. They will get more subscribers and thereby profits the world over if they are able to get a period of exclusivity. The changes in the telecom industry probably advances faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100m.

Speaking of the Olympics; I just hope that London does not follow the path that Athens took. I witnessed the 2004 Olympics. I hope I will be able to see at least one event in the 2012 Olympics in London. Hopefully in eight years time I will not be in either Istanbul, Tokyo or Madrid debating the debacle of the political and economic situation in the United Kingdom. I will not be surprised if by the time we get to 7th September 2013 in Buenos Aires then Istanbul will be the last country standing. Japan and Spain may decide that it would be economically more prudent to bow out of the race than to be in it. That though is a debate for another day and another time.

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