Relationships between sports and markets

(Originally posted on June 6th 2009)

I hate discussing finance over the weekend.However I am still reeling under the shock that Netherlands beat the English cricket team. The minnows have beaten one of the giants. West Indies are currently over powering Australia. If my theory about the relationship between sport and financial markets are true then the emerging markets should do better than the developed markets on Monday. The Euronext may do better than the FTSE. It will be a close call between the FTSE and the ASX. The advantage that the FTSE has is that it has the the England and Kazakhstan match to redeem itself,the F1 in Turkey and the England vs. Pakistan match tomorrow. If Williams, McLaren and Brawn do well tomorrow then the FTSE may redeem itself. If Renault, BMW or Ferrari does well then I would be reasonably confident that the Euronext would do well. Will my theory be proved right? I cannot wait to see.

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