I am back!!

I took a much-needed break from blogging because I just wanted to enjoy the game which arguably was the best summer of cricket. I switched off because I did not want to wonder what the impact of one particular performance or lack thereof would have on my index. I see no reason to change the basic methodology of it. The same applies to domestic red-ball cricket. Choosing people to play Tests based on their white-ball performance is a gamble. The risks are high but so are the rewards. The difference for this season onwards is that I will have to maintain three separate results. The first will encompass the results since I started the index. The second will be for 2019 and finally, there will be one for the Test championship. I will change the way I measure the Test championship though. So far I have ranked teams based on the points of the last team that a country played. For the championship, though I will take the total points scored by all the players divided by the number of games that were played.

There is a lot that can be covered under the huge umbrella of cricket. My approach will be macro in nature. Sites like CricViz have the resources for microanalysis. I will definitely cover the Test matches and will keep a keen eye on The Hundred. There are bound to be other topics and debates that come up which I hope I can deal with.

I have decided to change my style of writing. I tried keeping my analysis bereft of any emotions. I then got a nice reminder from my wife that my style of writing had changed and it was not the same style that caused her to fall in love with me. My post on Dreams was how it all started. Cricket is a beautiful tango of emotion and technique. I write about cricket so why should I leave an important aspect of the game out of my blog?

Going forward this particular blog will concentrate only on cricket. My other content will be available on Epileptic Writer. I have a lot of work to do starting with building the strength of my new blogs. I will appreciate all the help I can get. If you want to be a guest blogger then just comment on one of my blogs.

A few more hours to the first draft of The Hundred. Being Outside Cricket conducted a survey about the draft. 38% would rather stick pins their eyes rather than watch the draft. I am not surprised by the result. I am an analyst and extremely curious. It interests me irrespective of how I feel about it. The recent Tests have been fantastic. There have been some great domestic games. I enjoyed watching the Caribbean Premier League during my break and it was kind of worth the late nights. Like it or not we will be stuck with The Hundred for a few years unless there is an absolute outcry from the fans that would cause The ECB and their media partners a significant loss.

The next 18 months will be interesting and it all starts tonight.

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